Kansas Asphalt, Inc. http://www.on2heels.com/ Kansas Asphalt, Inc. blog updates en-US hourly 1 Kansas Asphalt Awarded 2021 Best Paving Job http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/kansas-asphalt-awarded-2021-best-paving-job Thu, 11 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/kansas-asphalt-awarded-2021-best-paving-job Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine awarded Kansas Asphalt with the 2021 Best Paving Job - Large Parking Lot for a project completed for Home Depot in Lanthrop, California.  

This job presented many challenges: the Kansas Asphalt team was given the mammoth task of paving an entire 90,000 sq. ft. Home Depot Distribution Center within 32 hours, which allowed the Distribution Center to remain functional but required Kansas Asphalt to stay on a strict time schedule.


The team also made sure to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing in handwashing stations and separate, portable bathroom facilities. Frequent temperature checks helped to ensure the job was done with each worker’s safety in mind.

The scale of the job required 15 trucks for the milling portion of the job and 10 trucks for paving. Two hardworking crews were used on rotation to keep production going seamlessly, and the job was wrapped up on time.

Kansas Asphalt is always thrilled when our hard work and commitment to excellence is rewarded, and we will continue to produce award-winning work with each project we undertake.

Chuck Jeffries, CEO, is shown below accepting this award on behalf of Kansas Asphalt.

CR Speech from Jane Jeffries on Vimeo.

Top 50 Contractor Award http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/top-50-contractor-award Mon, 05 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/top-50-contractor-award

Pavement magazine has listed Kansas Asphalt, Inc (KAI) a Top 50 Contractor in 2020 for:

  • Paving
  • Striping
  • Sealcoating
  • Pavement Repair

Since 2012, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction has set the industry benchmark through its Top Contractor program. To be considered in the rankings, each company was evaluated on gross sales volume, a breakdown by percentage of the type of work performed, and a third-party verification.

These verified Top Contractor listings are coveted in the industry to show growing, successful professional paving work.

Kansas Asphalt, Inc. is proud to be a Top Paving Contractor, Top Striping Contractor, Top Sealcoating Contractor and Top Pavement Repair Contractor for 2020. It’s an honor to be recognized in the industry by our peers.

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2020 Top Contractor    


New Milling Machine Keeps Kansas Asphalt Ahead of the Competition http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/new-milling-machine-keeps-kansas-asphalt-ahead-of-the-competition Mon, 14 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/new-milling-machine-keeps-kansas-asphalt-ahead-of-the-competition Kansas Asphalt recently added a new milling machine — a Wirtgen 130 CFi — to our fleet. This state-of-the-art mill requires only one person to operate it. The new technology featured on this machine includes a multi-angle camera system, automated grade and slope controls, and work productivity reporting. For our operator’s safety, the Wirtgen has a vacuum system for silica fumes and a better water-control system to suppress dust. Plus, the machine is more fuel-efficient than previous models, adding to its environmental advantages.


Kansas Asphalt crews used the new mill for the first time in May 2019 on a Target parking lot. The crew encountered soft subgrade on the project and, because of the new machine’s smaller size and weight, they were able to efficiently mill the lot without breaking through the existing asphalt. The ability to adapt to the poor subgrade conditions allowed our superintendent to value engineer the lot for a better result.

Kansas Asphalt — Your milling experts

Milling accounts for approximately 15-20% of Kansas Asphalt’s self-performing operations. By doing our own milling, we are able to profile and grade parking lots to ensure the subsequent paving is more efficient. “A successful milling job makes the paving work so much easier,” said Kansas Asphalt COO Andy Jeffries. “In the end, it saves time and money for our clients.”

While many customers think every lot needs to be milled, that is not the case. Indeed, milling can actually adversely affect the structural integrity of a parking lot. At Kansas Asphalt, we match the type of equipment we use to the type of project. Bigger is not always better. Parking lots, unlike roadways, are designed for light vehicle traffic. So, our smaller, specialized equipment like the Wirtgen 130 provides the best long-term result.


Outlook Good in Key Industry Sector for Kansas Asphalt http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/outlook-good-in-key-industry-sector-for-kansas-asphalt Tue, 10 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/outlook-good-in-key-industry-sector-for-kansas-asphalt In a recent blog, we detailed why we are optimistic 2020 will be another strong year of growth for Kansas Asphalt. While that optimism extends across our biggest industry sectors, retail remains our biggest revenue driver and a sector we pay especially close attention to.

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The news from the retail industry as a whole has been something of a mixed bag in recent years. Online shopping and other factors have taken a toll on certain types of brick-and-mortar stores, and malls and shopping centers in many markets continue to face significant challenges. Despite those trends, Kansas Asphalt has continued to grow revenue in the retail sector.

A recent report from the global real estate services company CBRE provides additional reason for optimism. One of many highlights in the report is a prediction that retail store openings will outstrip closings this year. According to the report:

Thousands of new stores will open nationwide in 2020, including by once online-only retailers that recognize the brand value of a physical store, and by food & beverage concepts, grocers and franchisers. Pop-ups to test brand collaborations, launch new products or test new markets will proliferate in urban markets and dominant malls (CBRE 2020 U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook report).

Health & wellness concepts are expected to continue to be one of the fastest-growing types of retail businesses. In many markets in which Kansas Asphalt works, we have seen the trend first-hand. Shopping centers that have seen some longtime traditional retailers close and leave have replaced them with various fitness centers and concepts, yoga studios and primary and/or urgent care centers, among other concepts.

“These brands are improving experience and loyalty through amenity-rich environments, customization, seamless online apps and subscription or membership-based models,” the report said.

As the retail sector will continues to evolve, we will continue to build on our customer relationships in the sector and seek new opportunities. Increasingly, our customers may provide different types of services and products than what traditional shopping center tenants have — but they will continue to need Kansas Asphalt to ensure they have the highest quality parking lots, sidewalks and stormwater solutions in the business.

Heading into the New Year http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/heading-into-the-new-year Thu, 20 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/heading-into-the-new-year Heading into the new year, a Commercial Construction Index survey showed more than 50 percent of contractors were confident 2020 would “provide the necessary business opportunities to yield another strong year.” At Kansas Asphalt, we share this optimism.

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In 2019, we enjoyed healthy growth, but our optimism is not based solely on our overall revenue growth last year. Rather, it is based in large part on the fact we saw growth across several different targeted industry segments we have long served. The combination of overall growth and health across industry segments bodes well for the coming months.

“Although retail still remains the industry leader for parking lot remediation for Kansas Asphalt, transportation and healthcare are quickly building markets with an abundance of opportunities seized in 2019,” Kansas Asphalt Construction Management Executive Vice President Pam Peckinpaugh said.

A quick review of a few of the top-line numbers from 2019 supports our bullish outlook for 2020:

  1. Year-over-year total revenue increased 39 percent across our top six industry segments (food service, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and transportation).
  2. Year-over-year revenue more than doubled in the healthcare segment in 2019.
  3. Retail, which represents by far our largest segment, continued to show significant growth in 2019. Revenue increased 50.7 percent in that segment.
  4. And bucking an overall market trend, Kansas Asphalt also enjoyed growth in the food service segment.

“Although market trends showed a slight decline in food service brick and mortar locations in 2019, we experienced no such slow down within this industry,” Peckinpaugh said. “Food service revenue represented more than 7 percent of our company’s total 2019 revenue, an increase of two percentage points even as we saw growth across other segments."

Macro-economic forces and trends, of course, can and do change. Like all contractors, Kansas Asphalt is subject to those changes. We remain confident that the unparalleled service and value we deliver across a diverse mix of industry segments, markets, and localities has positioned us for continued growth.

Indeed, from the Carolinas and Atlanta, to Ohio to Texas, the Midwest and California, Kansas Asphalt is in growth mode.

Commercial Construction Confidence Rises http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/commercial-construction-confidence-rises Tue, 29 Oct 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/commercial-construction-confidence-rises After confidence in the commercial construction industry dipped slightly in the first quarter of this year, a new U.S. Chamber of Commerce report shows that it rebounded over the summer. The organization's Commercial Construction Index is a measurement of how confident contractors are about their business.

One of its key measures is work backlog. The average backlog increased to more than 10 months in the second quarter of the year. This indicates that most contractors have enough in their pipeline to ensure they will have plenty of work well into next year.

Other key takeaways from the report:

  1. More than 70 percent of large contractors (those with more than $100 million in annual revenues) are confident next year will provide "necessary business opportunities"
  2. Thirty percent of respondents to the survey expect an increase in profit margins in 2020
  3. Sixty percent of contractors expect to increase their workforce next year
Retail Sector Remains Vital http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/retail-sector-remains-vital- Fri, 25 Oct 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/retail-sector-remains-vital- Often, the news about the retail industry paints a pessimistic picture. Headlines such as “5 Coming Crises in the Retail Market” and “Decline of Retail” are hard to ignore.

But if you dig a little deeper, there are more positive trends to be found. Indeed, while certain segments of the retail market are seeing declines, the overall story is more one of evolution. Here are three trends we're keeping our eye on:

  1. Online retailers opening brick-and-mortar locations (such as Amazon and Athleta)
  2. Shift to "experiential retail" leading to rising renovation and new construction of retail spaces
  3. Traditional big-box retailers experimenting with small-format stores

And because at the end of the day, it’s all about getting consumers into your parking lot, Kansas Asphalt remains committed to growing our business in the retail sector.

Named 2018 Top Contractor by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/named-2018-top-contractor-by-pavement-maintenance-reconstruction Wed, 03 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/industry-insights/named-2018-top-contractor-by-pavement-maintenance-reconstruction Pavement 2019 Top Contractor2018 was another great year for Kansas Asphalt Inc. Recently, an important trade publication verified that Kansas Asphalt was among the national leaders in revenue in all four categories of work they measure.

Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine surveys the industry to create its Top Contractor lists in the Paving Repair, Paving, Sealcoating and Striping categories. To be named a Top Contractor, a firm has to be among the top 75 in terms of gross sales volume in a category. The publication uses third-party verification of the sales total to ensure accuracy.

We are pleased that Kansas Asphalt was selected as a 2018 Top Contractor in all four categories. This is a great achievement, and we are very grateful to our customers nationwide who put their trust in us in 2018. While we love getting this kind of recognition of our efforts and where we stand nationally, it is also motivation to continue to improve and surpass customer expectations.

Kansas Asphalt: A parking lot company with a team of expert problem-solvers http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/kansas-asphalt-a-parking-lot-company-with-a-team-of-expert-problemsolvers Mon, 01 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/kansas-asphalt-a-parking-lot-company-with-a-team-of-expert-problemsolvers Parking lot construction, paving and management are at the core of what Kansas Asphalt does. We take great pride in serving as the local parking lot partner for our customers in each of the markets we serve. Providing both the best work and the best customers service in that industry has always been our goal, and that focus is why we’ve grown into a national company while retaining our family-owned culture and attention to detail.

At the same time, our customers require expertise in a range of capabilities. And our customers often need help on projects that go well beyond their parking lot. Kansas Asphalt has responded to this need by building our capabilities to include concrete and asphalt paving, stormwater drainage design and construction, engineering services, construction management, asset management and ADA compliance.


With more than 150 years of combined construction management experience, Kansas Asphalt has the capabilities to be your parking lot department. And we are continuing to add new techniques and technologies to our list services every day.

So, while we want you to call us your parking lot construction company, you could also consider us your team of problem solvers. No two parking lot projects are the same, and even the most straightforward construction project can include surprising complexities.

That’s why we have built out our team to include experienced professionals who can address a variety of needs on any project. Kansas Asphalt’s team includes engineers, construction management professionals, ADA compliance experts and stormwater drainage experts. Whether you need to hire a company to repave your existing lot or design and build a new parking lot, you can count on Kansas Asphalt to have all the needed expertise in our shop.

We invite you to explore our capabilities in more detail. If you’d like more information, or would like to see examples of projects we have completed, please contact us. We’d love to have a conversation with you.

We Build Racetracks, Too http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/we-build-racetracks-too Thu, 03 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/we-build-racetracks-too Not all racetracks are built for cars going 200 mph.

KinderCare centers are super fun to work with. Kansas Asphalt repairs their parking lots and sidewalks, but we also have projects that are much more exciting. We have repaired multiple tricycle “racetracks” that were uneven and dangerous. We also have worked to repair basketball, four square and hopscotch courts for KinderCare centers.

Inevitably, the children love to watch our crews work when we are on the job at a KinderCare. The process of their play areas being repaired and upgraded draws children to the classroom windows to watch. One crew on a recent project even stopped their work for awhile to answer the children's questions. Who knows — some of these children may become the next generation of leaders in our industry!

As for the work itself, Kansas Asphalt keeps safety as the number one priority on every job. But if safety considerations could be even more elevated on a project, it is when we work on a KinderCare project. We repair a great number of trip hazards on these playgrounds.

The project pictured here is from a KinderCare location in Palatine, Ill. The project included power washing and repainting an older concrete slab that included a play area in the center of a tricycle racetrack. Our team painted the lines for hopscotch, foursquare and the track over two weekends.

Giving Back to Our Veterans http://www.on2heels.com/blog/charitable-giving/giving-back-to-our-veterans Wed, 28 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/charitable-giving/giving-back-to-our-veterans At Kansas Asphalt, one of our core values is giving back and doing our part to strengthen communities. As a national parking lot paving construction company, we believe it is our responsibilty to contribute to organizations that work to improve the lives of people in our communities. In that spirit, two members of the Kansas Asphalt executive team volunteered to help give back to men and women who have fallen on hard times after giving so much to our country.

Executive VP of Construction Management Pam Peckinpaugh and VP, CM-Capital Jeanne Pollard

Kansas Asphalt Executive Vice President of Construction Management Pam Peckinpaugh and Vice President, CM-Capital Jeanne Pollard traveled to Asheville, N.C., in October 2018 and worked alongside about 400 other volunteers and several vendor partners on a project sponsored by The Home Depot Charity Foundation. The effort included the refurbishment of a former church and hotel facility and the 12 acres it sits on. The volunteers built walking paths, fences, a gazebo, storage units, and installed new landscaping in addition to working to convert the church structure into housing and space to teach new trades for homeless and disabled veterans. The goal is to help these veterans acquire new job skills and move toward financial stability.


New riding lawn mowers and other equipment and tools were donated so that the veteran residents will be able to maintain all the beautification improvements that resulted from the volunteer project. 

This particular veterans program is modeled after similar efforts in other parts of the country. Local organizers predict as many as 1,000 veterans will pass through the Asheville location in the coming months.

"This was a very humbling and exhilarating experience for me to have the opportunity to give back to the veterans who have risked their very own lives to protect my freedom," said Pollard, the proud daughter of a Korean War veteran and thankful wife of an Army veteran who served 10 years, including in Operation Desert Storm. "When I shared my Home Depot Charity Foundation experience with both of them, they were both overwhelmed with the gratitude that people care enough to donate their time to support disabled and homeless veterans."

"This was a fantastic opportunity to give back to those who have given so much for our country," Peckinpaugh said. "We owe these heroes a great deal, and it was wonderful to be a part of ensuring they receive the care and respect that they have earned."

A Commitment to Safety http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/a-commitment-to-safety Fri, 16 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/a-commitment-to-safety Sometimes, we run into time constraints and other external factors that put extra pressure on a project. You can always count on Kansas Asphalt to maintain our first commitment to safety and to maintaining the highest standards.

We started this paving project in Athens, Ga., in October. But by the time we were cleared to start the work, it was right before Halloween weekend. Anyone who is familiar with Athens, one of the most popular and festive college towns in the country, know that Halloween is always a major event there. With the expected large numbers of revelers out and about at night during the Halloween weekend, a construction project in the middle of a residential development poses a lot of risks to community safety.


So we went the extra mile on safety precautions. Among other things, we fenced off the entire area with heavy duty construction fence (see photo) to keep people out of harm's way. This photo also shows the silt fence we installed to protect a retention pond on the site. No matter what, we will never cut corners when it comes to meeting all storm water and other environmental regulations.

A Bike Path Created http://www.on2heels.com/blog/charitable-giving/a-bike-path-created Fri, 04 May 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/charitable-giving/a-bike-path-created Kansas Asphalt, Inc. is a paving contractor.  We pave big places – parking lots, distribution centers, and sometimes streets.  There are small spaces where we work too and we are proud to have recently helped Synergy Services as we brought our talents and time to help pave a bike path for their residents. 

Kids enjoying bike pathSynergy House is a residential house for families rebuilding their lives and it provides a variety of services and solutions but there was not a safe place for the children to ride their bikes.  Kansas Asphalt, Inc. knew we could help here and we collaborated with some other local businesses to create a paved walking and bike-riding path behind the house. 

This redeveloped space provides the children a safe place to ride as well as a nice place for the other residents to take a walk.  We also donated some repair services and patched their parking lot while we were there.

Local to our headquarters, Synergy Services helps victims of family violence find the safety, support, strength and skills needed to change their lives.





Preparing Tomorrow's Paving Workforce http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/preparing-tomorrows-paving-workforce Tue, 24 Apr 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/paving/preparing-tomorrows-paving-workforce CONEXPO-CON/AGG PodcastIn an interview on the CONEXPO-CON/AGG podcast, Kansas Asphalt Vice President of Construction Andy Jeffries discussed how asphalt and concrete paving is changing in the construction industry. Jeffries also discusses emerging technologies and how the skillset requirements for workers and supervisors has changed and trends with workforce development associated with paving.


Kansas Asphalt Continues To Grow http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-continues-to-grow Wed, 25 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-continues-to-grow BUCYRUS, Kansas — Kansas Asphalt, a national leader in parking lot construction, maintenance and repair services, has opened a new facility for a self-performing construction crew in the Overland Park, Kansas area. The goal of this expansion is to better serve local and regional commercial and residential customers with asphalt and concrete paving solutions.

"It is our mission to provide the best construction management services to our clients and this new facility is in line with that mission," Kansas Asphalt CEO Jane Jeffries said.

Kansas Asphalt provides construction management services focused on parking lots and their related spaces to commercial clients across the country. Its portfolio of solutions includes asphalt and concrete paving services, ADA compliance review and remediation, construction management, engineering support, asset management and consulting.

In addition to operations in Kansas, the company has self-performing crews in California and Texas and field sales offices throughout the country.

Restaurant Parking Lots – Does Yours Contribute to the Business Plan? http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/restaurant-parking-lots-does-yours-contribute-to-the-business-plan Mon, 17 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/restaurant-parking-lots-does-yours-contribute-to-the-business-plan A solid business plan is an essential ingredient to any good business, including restaurants. It will include forecasting of revenues and expenses, trends and market analysis, a detailed customer service program and most likely a sustainability plan. As a restaurant owner or manager, you look to your staff and team members to contribute to the plans’ goals and help you reach them as the year progresses. But have you thought about how the restaurant’s capital assets can contribute?

A well-maintained parking lot can be a key participant in a company’s business plan. A parking lot is a capital asset that requires regular maintenance for optimal appearance, performance and longevity. The maintenance program for a lot can include ways for sustainability and compliance goals to be met, good corporate citizenship demonstrated and customer service extended beyond the front door.

Overhead Parking Lot

Maintenance and Repair

A well maintained parking lot can last up to 12 years longer than its unattended-to counterpart. These activities can include addressing potholes quickly through patching, application of seal coat and restriping on a regular basis, replacement of catch basins as needed, and more. A lot may also require partial or complete replacement in order to provide a safe driving and parking surface. Projects can be executed using sustainable paving practices, both in material choices and installation methods.

A professional parking lot management company can work with you to create both short- and long-term plans to address immediate needs, plus longer range projects that will keep your parking lot in top condition.

Overhead Parking Lot


The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 established clear guidelines to make public facilities accessible to everyone. Restaurant owners and managers should work with a professional parking lot management company to ensure they have the right number and type of ADA compliant spaces, and that each has the appropriate striping and signage. Additionally, curbs, ramps and restaurant entrances must meet certain specifications to be in compliance with local and federal regulations.

Another area of compliance important to restaurant owners and managers for a parking lot is that of storm water management. If rainwater or snowmelt does not properly flow off the space, there could be a violation of the Clean Water Act, as well as other local and federal mandates.

A parking lot that is compliant to local and federal regulations will not only serve as a safe and welcoming space for patrons, employees and vendors, but also avoid costly fines and penalties. A good corporate citizen meets its legal, ethical and economic responsibilities, and your well maintained parking lot can help achieve this aim.

Customer Service

Before even a warm greeting or cool beverage, the parking lot is often the first experience a patron has with a restaurant. Having a clean, well-marked space for your guests to park creates a great first impression. Coupled with good food and drinks, timely and professional service, and other details that set your restaurant apart from your competition, a great parking lot helps leave a positive, lasting impression with your guests that will bring them back again and again.

As you look at your business plan, think about your parking lot. Should you create a budget for that needed maintenance and repair to bring this space up to code for compliance issues? Do you have a beautification program that will improve the customer experience before your guests meet the hostess? By working with a professional parking lot management company, your parking lot can begin contributing to the business plan.

Kansas Asphalt has field offices with experienced construction managers across the country, with certifications that range from traffic control to OSHA30 to ADA compliance to storm water management. For more information on how Kansas Asphalt can help your parking lot contribute to your sustainability, compliance and customer service goals, contact us at info@kai-pavement.com or at 877-384-2280. Kansas Asphalt is a certified woman-owned business.

Parking Lots – Adding Value to Your Business http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/parking-lots-adding-value-to-your-business- Wed, 12 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/parking-lots/parking-lots-adding-value-to-your-business- Customer service. Sustainability. Compliance.

Today’s business plans have owners looking at how the goals in these areas will be met (or exceeded) by all aspects of the company. Experts are hired to train on how to deliver exceptional customer service, others on what to do to decrease carbon footprints, and yet others on how to have a culture of sustainability and how to navigate regulations to ensure proper compliance and avoid costly fines. But do business owners stop and look at their parking lots and think about how these spaces can add value to each of those important elements of the business?

Parking lots can (and should) be a key element in a company’s customer service, sustainability, and compliance programs. A parking lot is a capital asset that requires regular maintenance for optimal appearance, performance and longevity. A properly maintained lot can last 4 to 12 years longer than a neglected one. A customized maintenance program, managed by a provider using responsible paving practices, can help a lot provide exceptional customer service, deliver good corporate citizenship through compliance and sustainability, and create a great lasting impression with a client.

Stormwater management

Stormwater runoff is simply the rainwater or snowmelt running off a lot. It flows from the lot through properly installed and well maintained drainage in a way that is not detrimental to the environment.

Poorly installed and/or maintained drains can be in violation of protective environmental regulations; but poor stormwater management will also cause expensive damage to a lot as well as create unsafe conditions. A professional parking lot management partner should have a clear understanding of how stormwater drainage impacts the environment as well as the integrity of the lot and apply this knowledge in developing a realistic maintenance plan that will support local and national standards and regulations. The result is a functional and safe lot. There are now materials, such as pervious asphalt and concrete, that allow stormwater to drain through the surface versus being funneled through to a storm drain.


A number of factors can negatively affect the look and color of an asphalt surface. These contributors include weather, chemicals from vehicles, and heavy equipment usage. A great way to give a lot a facelift is by applying a sealcoat. This important maintenance activity will not only give it a fresh new look, but will ultimately extend the life of the lot by preventing water seepage from undermining the subgrade. Preventing water seepage and encouraging proper drainage are critical to maximizing the life of an asphalt lot. The sealcoat product can be asphalt-based, a refined tar, or could even include filler such as small chips. A site visit will help the installer understand many aspects of the lot, from areas of erosion that will require patching to traffic patterns that will need to be adjusted to storm drains that should be blocked during application. Sealcoat should not be applied if rain is forecasted within 24 hours to prevent the uncured product from washing off. A properly sealed lot will have a longer life, as well as provide a smooth and safe parking, driving, and walking surface. An annual application of sealcoat supports sustainability initiatives through avoidance of more costly repaving, is environmentally responsible when properly applied and provides a safe and functional parking lot for clients, employees and vendors.


When a lot shows severe deterioration with deep cracks and many potholes, a good choice is to overlay. Overlay is a method of repaving and involves applying a layer of asphalt compacted to about two inches directly on top of the existing surface. Areas that have total failure to the base level supporting the pavement will require removal and patching prior to the overlay. A good choice of asphalt with sustainability in mind is warm asphalt, a product that requires less heat to mix and includes recycled materials. An overlay will breathe new life into a lot with extreme wear. Correcting failed surfaces with a properly installed overlay of warm asphalt is a responsible way to extend the life of a lot.

Full replacement

Parking lot surfaces do not last forever, and there comes a time when a lot simply needs to be replaced. Complete replacement will be recommended when 1/3 of the lot has failed. A full-depth reclamation involves removing the asphalt and some of the base materials and pulverizing them into tiny pieces. These pieces are used as aggregate for the new lot, thus eliminating the need for old materials to be trucked to a landfill. This process of incorporating the existing parking lot materials into the new surface is what makes asphalt the number one recycled product in America. The use of warm asphalt from a nearby plant is yet another way a provider can install a new lot with sustainable practices. This is also an opportunity for introducing more green space to a lot, such as adding trees for natural shading. This choice not only benefits the environment but also enhances the aesthetic quality of a fresh lot. An engineer will ensure the base is stable, drainage is correct and any new features are properly added before the fresh surface is paved when a full replacement is required.


The proper application of striping is essential for a safe lot. The application can include a variety of methods, from the use of global position systems to stencils. No matter the method or equipment used, a well striped parking lot creates a set number of parking spaces on a lot. One school of thought for increased sustainability is reduction in size of the spaces, increasing the total number of spaces or creating space for new features such as more trees for natural shading. A parking lot management’s engineering team can help create new striping options after the application of sealcoat or new asphalt that can support a sustainability plan.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and subsequent revisions ensure, among other things, that all persons will be provided accessible accommodations when entering, exiting, and parking at facilities. Meeting both federal and state ADA requirements with regards to parking and entryways demonstrates good corporate citizenship and employee inclusion. It is a cost avoidance for penalties and fines. A good parking lot management provider will identify risks and gaps in a lot’s asphalt overlay.

As you examine the means of reaching the various goals for your company, don’t forget to look to your parking lot. It is essential to work with a provider that understands federal and local regulations, material options, the proximity of necessary resources and your goals. A responsible management company will create a customized maintenance program that will not only extend the life of your lot from 4 to 12 years, but will also extend your campaigns of customer service, sustainability and compliance to your parking lots, creating a great lasting impression with your customer.

Kansas Asphalt has field offices with experienced construction managers across the country, with certifications that range from traffic control to OSHA30 to ADA compliance to storm water management. For more information on how Kansas Asphalt can help your parking lot contribute to your sustainability, compliance and customer service goals, contact us at info@kai-pavement.com or at 877-384-2280. Kansas Asphalt is a certified woman-owned business.

Kansas Asphalt Named Paver of the Year by The Home Depot http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-named-paver-of-the-year-by-the-home-depot Wed, 08 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-named-paver-of-the-year-by-the-home-depot BUCYRUS, Kansas — Kansas Asphalt has been named The Home Depot Top Paver - 2016 at the 2017 Parking Lot Summit held in Delray Beach, Fla.


The event was hosted by Jim Watson, John Hannah and Vincent Deckers with The Home Depot's Commercial Area Maintenance Service. The award was presented to KAI Total Pavement Management Managing Director Chuck Jeffries. Kansas Asphalt received the award for its overall execution of work performed in 2016 for capital-related parking lot improvement projects.

"This award is for the entire team," Jeffries said. "We have a great group of folks in our project management and field construction teams that work hard and live our core values everyday. We are truly honored to work with The Home Depot and this award means a great deal to us."

About KAI Total Pavement Management: KAI Total Pavement Management is the national project management division of Kansas Asphalt, Inc. Headquartered outside of Kansas City, Kansas Asphalt provides parking lot and paving solutions for commercial clients and has sales and construction offices located across the country. Kansas Asphalt is a woman-owned business, certified by both the State of Kansas and the National Women’s Business Owners Corporation.

Kansas Asphalt Awarded 'Best Parking Lot' at 2017 National Pavement Expo http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-awarded-best-parking-lot-at-2017-national-pavement-expo Fri, 03 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.on2heels.com/blog/news/kansas-asphalt-awarded-best-parking-lot-at-2017-national-pavement-expo BUCYRUS, Kansas — Kansas Asphalt announced it was recognized for Best Parking Lot Pavement Project at the 2017 National Pavement Expo awards ceremony. The Pavement Awards are presented by AC Media, publisher of Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction magazine. The award was presented to Chuck Jeffries, managing director of KAI Total Pavement Management.

The award was in recognition of Kansas Asphalt's parking improvements project at the Target store in Kalispell, Mont. The project required a significant coordination of tasks, equipment, materials and providers on a tight schedule. Kansas Asphalt delivered the project on time and on budget.

"The project’s success required the coordination of talented and dedicated personnel to meet the scope’s objectives,” Jeffries said. "This award means a great deal to our company. We take pride in not only aligning with strong clients but also with strong vendor partners that share our values and attention to details. This award confirms that our approach is working. We’re truly honored."

About KAI Total Pavement Management: KAI Total Pavement Management is the national project management division of Kansas Asphalt, Inc. Headquartered outside of Kansas City, Kansas Asphalt provides parking lot and paving solutions for commercial clients and has sales and construction offices located across the country. Kansas Asphalt is a woman-owned business, certified by both the State of Kansas and the National Women’s Business Owners Corporation.